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The 1,743 killed in action are represented by the sights, sounds and visions of their time, as told by themselves, their friends and their families.

"Whenever we heard that sound, it meant 'going home'."

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Herd History Project

Anybody who served with the 173d Airborne knows and understands the unit is one of the best in the U.S. military's arsenal of fighting units. History bears this out, the unit has always been on the cutting edge of the battle, and the legend continues. Before now, so far as we know, there has never been an effort to record the stories or testimonies of living survivors of the 173d, be they Afghanistan, Iraq or Vietnam veterans. But that has changed.The Herd History Project is your opportunity to tell of your experiences while serving with the Herd.This is your opportunity to record your story for you, your family and your posterity. They will all be grateful you set aside but 30 minutes or an hour of your time to do so long after you've departed.

We pledge we will do everything humanly possible to have your stories, your thoughts and your experiences we record on the 173d.com Herd History Project stored at the Library of Congress and also through the Smithsonian.

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About Us

173d.com is where all 173d Veterans are welcomed home, regardless of the conflict. This is where all 173d Veterans stories are told as to how they serverd and came home. These are stories not of a video game or movie but actual sights and sounds of serving America.

173d.com is a multimedia site, where photos, audio tapes, movies, letters, stories of experience and comments are posted for the American people to know the truth about war and its before and after costs prior to commiting troops to harms way.

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Commerce is fine. Advertising is not evil. But it doesn't belong here. Not in 173d airborne. We have a small staff of volunteers which makes it hard to contact individuals that have the information which is required for 173d.com, namely: photos, videos, films, stories, audio , etc about their 173d experience and especially drawing attention to the Fallen as they made the ultimate sacrifice for America and shall NOT be forgotten.

This year we want to hire several full time individuals and a full time programmer to complete 173d. We estimate that in 48 months we could fully complete the multi-media requirements for www.173d.com and then volunteers could hand the normal maintenance thereafter.

Check out our Sponsors and Contributions links under Operations and help us complete the project as time is not on the side of our Vietnam conflict vertans and we will have established a procedure for handling the future members of the 173d to ensure that their stories are told, remembered, and saved forever.

Sponsors are those individuals that have donated each month for 12 months and they will be listed on the sponsor page.

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