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John Anthony Fera
March 18, 1968
Age 24 is where all Veterans are welcomed home, regardless of the conflict. This is where all veterans stories are told as to how they serverd and came home. These are stories not of a video game or movie but actual sights and sounds of serving America. is a multimedia site, where photos, audio tapes, movies, letters, stories of experience and comments are posted for the American people to know the truth about war and its before and after costs prior to committing troops to harms way.

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My beloved Jack,

Nearly 40 years ago this week I said my last farewell to you as we buried you at the West Point cemetery. Though our time was so very short together, you are never far from my thoughts; our times at West Point, our wedding in Little Falls, NY and long trip to Fort Campbell, Ky. We shared so many loving memories packed into such a short time, but those memories still burn in my heart and make me laugh and cry, feel happy, sad and proud to have known you and loved you so very much!

Each year passing has brought so many twists and turns, but your memory lives on. The past year I have connected with some of your friends who were with you in Vietnam and learning more about your time there, and it helps to learn about you even after such a long time. I know you are at peace and lived and died the way you wanted. Though it did not make it easier to bear, I have come to terms with it and will be joining you in the future to share whatever lies beyond.

My love always,


Jack and I served in the same company (B/1/503) for a few months in mid-1967. Although he was a West Point grad and I was an ROTC grad, we had several mutual friends from the Academy. From the first time I met him, I was impressed not only that he was an excellent troop leader but also that he was such a down to earth person -- very bright, unpretentious, and with a good sense of humor. His troops seemed both to respect and like him a great deal. He got the job done very well but without any fanfare. He engendered trust in his men and up the chain of command. I remember vividly that he was deeply in love with his wife. I recall how thrilled he was to meet her in Hawaii for R&R. Obviously they shared a very special love. I felt so devastated when I found out that Jack had been killed in action. All comrades killed or maimed leave an indelible mark on the souls of those who survive them. Some to a greater or lesser degree than others. Jack's memory is emblazoned deeply on our minds and hearts for life.


Dennis Hupp
"B" & HQ Co., 1st Bn., 503rd Parachute Infantry
173d Airborne Brigade (Sep.)

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