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Richard Louis Lanctot
March 7, 1970
Age 20

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I was not in Richard Lanctot's Battalion in Vietnam, however, I was in the 173rd Airborne with him. We went thru infantry school at Fort Gordon, Georgia and jump school at Fort Benning together. When class 45 left Benning we were all assigned to the "nam." He was a real good buddy of a guy named Burney (last name). When we all got together in Cam Ranh Bay to go home we all looked around and tried to determine who was missing. There were quite a few, Richard was one of them. I'll never forget Sgt. Veal in Infantry School who called him "Langcock" all the time. I heard later that Burney got a field commission and came back to Benning and became an officer. All I know is what I heard....that Richards unit was pinned down and he got shot in the head while trying to drag a wounded comrade out of harms way. I miss his smile and his northeastern accent. I think he was from New York or very close to there.

Airborne All The Way!

Dan Pomery
"D" Co., 4th Bn., 503rd Parachute Infantry
173d Airborne Brigade (Sep.)

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