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James Paul Vojir
February 13, 1968
Age 19

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I knew Jim Vojir quite well. He carried a book of all the colleges in the USA and planned on attending a college when he DEROSed back to the United States. He was from NY state ~ KIA in Ban Me Thout on 13 February, 1968 ~ his nickname was "Tweety Bird."

Scott H. Smith
"A" Co., 1st Bn. 503rd Infantry
173d Airborne Brigade (Sep.)

I went through AIT and Jump school with Jim Vojir. In A Company, Jim was part of a 4 man patrol that stumbled into an NVA base camp and all killed. Others from Delta Company went to relieve them, but discovered the casualties. We couldn't immediately locate all of the bodies but instead found Polaroid negatives of photos that the NVA took. Two of the men, though we couldn't determine their identies, were sitting back-to-back against a small tree and holding their rifles in firing position.

Sam Hilt
"A" Co., 1st Bn. 503rd Infantry
173d Airborne Brigade (Sep.)

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