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1,743 of the 173d Airborne are now home.

Dear Visitor:

Thank you for your interest in this multi-media Memorial." This is the first of its kind in concept and application and will honor those who gave their all in service to America's longest war.

Each soldiers site will include a short narrative about the soldier written by someone who knew them in Vietnam or by a family member. The site will also feature images of items owned or used by that particular soldier.

Examples of items needed for the site include portrait photos, eyewitness accounts of death or heroism, taped audio cassette messages, videos, actual medals or photos of medals, Zippo lighter(s), watch, maps, home movies, diaries, drawings, and even letters. The letters might be their last one home, about an act of heroism, a prisoner-of-war experience or even about a person they loved. However, any letter or story from a friend, as well as any other memorabilia about the KIA that friends or families want to be seen on the web site is welcome. This information will help the management of 173d.com provide a clearer picture about who this person actually was and what he was like.

Please help us collect, preserve, and make public this important part of the 173d Airborne Brigade's history in Vietnam before it's all forgotten.

©2002 WEBH
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