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Stories about a Vietnam experience will be posted in this section of by any service personnel who served in Vietnam.
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"...Around midnight on March 16, 1968 PFC. Charbanaugh, SP/4 Scott Murry, SP/4 Taylor, S/SGT. Deavers, 1st Lt. Doane, and one or two other guys from "A" company went on a night reconnaissance patrol to retrieve information from enemy positions. One of the guys was packing a large bowie knife.

When the patrol located an enemy bunker, the guy with the knife places his hand inside, searching, feeling for what was there. Suddenly, his fingers located something soft and moist. It was the face of a sleeping NVA (North Vietnamese Army Soldier) and he was about to kill him with his knife..."


...Harold was introduced as Chief. From that day on he was always Chief to me. He was an American Indian but I am not sure of the tribe he belonged. I want to say he was Navaho but am not sure.

Charlie Company was guarding the perimeter of the Dak To...."

"...A quick glance into a quaint, West Virginia home reveals three young boys tumbling across the kitchen floor as they wrestled with their uncle. Until two years earlier, this had been commonplace. The four possessed a special bond and the love they shared was obvious. This time, however, the meeting was different..."

"...I recapped the events for Sergeants King and Via and our Platoon Leader. They indicated that they had heard the fire fight develop and could hear Dennis' M-60 firing over the other firing..."